A Look Back

Episode # 34 “What Now? Going back through the archives, this story covered a lot of bases. Johnny’s anxiety about nudity and anger towards his parents for not confiding in him that they were nudists before he turned three. A lot had taken place before he and Dan got married. As always, stay creative, safe […]

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The Dickson starring Johnny Spice

Not an Episode but a comic. Nova Scotia Strong, starring Johnny Spice.The Dickson Centre is the hospital where Johnny works at the cancer care unit. It is also where I had my surgery 4.5 years ago. I hope you enjoy this. As always, stay creative, safe and healthy. Fabien

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Coming up with original storylines on a weekly basis with regards to living a naturist lifestyle can be a little daunting especially when explaining naturism to textiles. I came up with the word clothestraphobia as a term Johnny gave his husband Dan when they were invited out to dinner. The term vestiophobia exists as someone […]

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