Naked Art Day: Naturism and Creativity

As the image above indicates Art and being Naked describes how best I like to create.

Of course, for those who follow me here or on my various social media platforms this should come as no surprise.

On the 2nd Saturday in March, and I will be co-sponsoring Naked Art Day.

I have had a long collaboration with Clothesfreelife which was the first website to feature my cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist.

Graphic drawing is one of my many varied methods of creating.

This new collaboration is for naturist/nudist artists of all levels featuring a variety of mediums; painting, sculpture, coloring, crafts and music.

This is a project I was eager to jump on board with as I have always felt that creativity was best expressed while being clothesfree.

Art in all its forms is a way to express one’s true self. As with naturism, there is a sense of serenity and at the same time, showing ones vulnerabilities.

Art expresses what we feel at any given time. If you’re happy, you would likely see a a work that is bright and cheerful. If you are sad or angry, that work would certainly show something with darker tones.

Here are a few quotes I found reflect my own sentiments.

Lynn Johnston- Creator of For Better or for Worse
Bill Watterson – Creator of Calvin and Hobbes

I have been a naturist well over eleven years and an artist nearly thirty. Both are expressions of who I am. Both go hand in hand.

I have combined both aspects of my life very well over the years. Participating in Life Art Groups either behind or in front of the easel.

Life Art modeling is another art form which coincides with my naturism.
My entry for the Luxembourg Art Prize of  which I earned a finalist certificate.

As we get closer to March we will be providing further details to the Naked Art Day.

As always, stay creative, safe and healthy.


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